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Vacuum conveyors for powder & bulk

Vacuum is used with great advantage in conveying dry powder products through dedicated pipe systems. Piab's vacuum conveying systems are built of high quality material. When producing food, pharmaceuticals and chemical products there are demands on the highest possible degree of safety as to hygiene and operation. Piab's piFLOW® conveyors have been developed as an answer to the severe requirements of operational safety and hygiene in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Piab conveyors are ATEX Dust certified. piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t are ATEX Gas certified. All conveyors are available with either an ejector driven vacuum pump or with a mechanical pump.

Premium – piFLOW®p SMART
Smart, complete vacuum conveying system with self-optimized throughput thanks to machine learning.
Tablet – piFLOW®t
Perfect fit for transport of fragile materials, where the unique piGENTLE® functionality secures a smooth and stable product flow.
Premium – piFLOW®p
A premium steel grade vacuum conveyor, designed to meet the requirements of high-demanding applications for chemical, food and pharma industries.
Food grade – piFLOW®fc
Same heavy-duty design as the p- and t-series, targeting food and other industries not requiring acid resistant design of conveyors.
Food grade – piFLOW®f
An entry-level vacuum conveyor designed for industries where food grade quality, a dust free environment and easy maintenace are required.
Industrial – piFLOW®i
A cost-effective solution for any industry, who wishes to automate the manual material handling process for improved throughput.
Spare parts
The vacuum conveyor is reliable and requires a minimum of maintenance. It is, however, necessary to regularly change some of the parts to maintain maximum productivity.
Different accessories to optimize your vacuum conveyor. 
Upgrade kit for C conveyors
Extend the lifetime of your existing C conveyor. The upgrade kit makes it possible to upgrade the old C conveyor series to the piFLOW®p platform. The kit is a plug-and–play assembly for a quick change over.

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