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Decentralized vacuum pump VGS™3010

Save 405,000 € for an investment of 8,300 €


Merplas Decoma is the most diversified automotive supplier in the world. They design, develop and manufacture automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components. They also engineer and assemble complete vehicles primarily for sale to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of cars and light trucks in three geographic segments - North America, Europe, and rest of world (primarily Asia, South America and Africa).

There were issues on the Land Rover Evoque rear spoiler cell because of insufficient clamping whilst the two parts of the spoiler are connected and glued. This created gaps and became a quality control issue. The spoilers were deemed as scrap and sent to a local company who then salvaged any parts that were salvageable. This was resulting in them running at between 6–8 % above their target of 3% for scrap.


Merplas was using single stage vacuum ejectors to clamp the two spoiler parts together for nine minutes whilst the glue set. Piab recommended using multi stage decentralized vacuum pump VGS™3010 with COAX® Xi cartridge inside. After a short time it was clear that the Piab units generated a much higher vacuum and the gaps between the spoilers were eradicated.


The Piab units have been fitted to both cells with a total of 40 VGS™3010 units being used. The scrapping of spoilers because of gaps and gluing issues has now ceased. The VGS™ units are clamping the upper and lower units together without any creeping and leaving no gaps. This has also eradicated a large amount of downtime. The total return on investment calculated by Merplas Decoma for scrap, downtime and invoicing is 405,000 €, this is all for an initial outlay of 8,300 €.

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